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The Great EmergenceThe Great Emergence
emersion, an imprint of Baker Publishing Group
(October, 2008)
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Emergence ChristianityEmergence Christianity
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Meeting Jesus Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time
“For many contemporary Christians, Biblical scholarship is seen as the enemy of faith. In a personal and highly readable account, Marcus Borg shows how Christians can explore contemporary scholarship as a way toward a far more dynamic and meaningful faith.” — Rosemary Radford Ruether, author of Gaia and God
Purchase:    HarperCollins    Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Indiebound
:    HarperCollins    Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Indiebound
Reading the Bible Reading the Bible Again for the First Time
“Takes the Bible back from the specialists … nothing short of a blessing, even a miracle!” — Peter J. Gomes
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Heart of Christianity The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith
“A winsome, accessible, pastoral offering … Borg provides a way for an important, positive, and serious rethinking of the gospel.” — Walter Brueggemann
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