From the Pulpit – Faith Without Seeing

Faith is claimed, but rarely executed. Faith is trust without proof and the undergirding of our spiritual lives. We believers espouse that we have faith, but when the rubber hits the road, faith is hard to find. Recently, our church helped feed the homeless through a local group called “Taking It to the Streets” where I witnessed powerful faith that ran rampant amongst those daily taking it to the streets. One after another joyfully shared how God had changed their lives and provided their every need in feeding those living on the streets. Whenever they needed something like a building, an oven, steam tables, and had no money, they prayed and God provided. For many, this sounds contrived, but their faith was deep and unmistakable.

As an ordained Minister, I am expected to have a strong faith, and I do, but in the presence these disciples who have seen too much of life, it felt weak. I serve a 125 year old church that has historically been in several locations, and even rebuilt from a fire, but is presently, without a building to call its own. Like many churches, we shrank out of our building and had to sell the property when maintenance exceeded our offering. Our giving is meant for more than a light bill and repairs, so with thirty-five of the ninety-plus members of years ago, we stepped out in faith. Now, when asked if the church is growing, I excitedly say yes, we have grown exponentially in faith and community.

God brought us this far, and is leading us forward. We remain in constant prayer for a new location, that is handicapped accessible and affordable so our offering continues to be more for ministry to others, than for a meeting place. Like those disciples we met Saturday, our faith is that God will provide.