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Church “Fight” Song


There is No Place Like Old North Side 

  •     (tune Nebraska Fight Song)


There is no place like old North Side

I’m North Side through and through

Where the pastor’s here to feed us

The people are the sweetest

of any old church I knew

There is no place like old North Side

where they’re all true blue

                                    God’s kept us together,                                                                                                                                                             through all kinds of weather

                                Oh North Side, we love you.                                                                                          ___________________________________________________________ words by Rev. Jonathan Wilhoft 2016

Welcoming, Seeking, Open and Affirming

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North Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)    is a Community of Faith welcoming ALL people regardless of their age, sexual orientation, theology, education, financial status or political leanings.  All are welcome and celebrated for who they are .

NSCC is dynamic, spirited, progressive and an inclusive Christian faith community seeking justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God. (Micah 6:8) 

This Faith Community is a learning congregation seeking ultimate meaning by moving always toward the heart of God, by following the teaching of Jesus Christ, and by participating in the repair of the world. This community celebrates all spiritual journeys and encourages exploration of the beauty and poetry of the Christian tradition. We are a gathering place and a sanctuary for all voices, colors, orientations abilities and theologies.

We are Disciples of Christ standing side by side with God’s people in a multi-faith world, and working for healing and reconciliation. Our ministry is to share God’s light and love to all people while encouraging everyone to love themselves as God loves them. 

Are you a “recovering Christian?

If so, North Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) may be just the place for you. We strive to be a healing community for those who have had hurtful church experiences, and carry the scars.

Have you felt unwelcome in other churches because you did not fit in?

North Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) not only welcomes you, but celebrates your uniqueness as part of your gifts from God.

Did you have difficulty following all of the rules and expectations in other churches?

North Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) encourages individual scripture reading and interpretation. The community focuses on the teachings of Jesus Christ and what he modeled.

Do you have questions about God and/or the Bible that you have been afraid to ask in a church setting?

North Side Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a community of seekers who ask questions, rather than attempt to provide all of the answers. This community lives the questions, and creates an environment where people can interact with one another in exploring what is next for Christianity and for us.

Come and see what it is like to learn that God loves us ALL beyond our wildest imaginations.