SPIRITUAL RETREAT    

(Location/Date to  be Determined)  


The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision of the Future of Christianity”                                                                                                               by Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes, Sr. Minister of Countryside United Christian Church, Omaha.

The Phoenix Affirmations is named for the town in which the principles were created and the mythological bird adopted by ancient Christians as a symbol of resurrection. It offers disillusioned and spiritually thirsty Christians and others a sense of hope and a more tolerant, joyful, and compassionate message than those we often hear from the media and some Christian leaders.

These twelve central affirmative principles of Christian faith are built on the three great loves that the Bible reveals: love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self. They reflect commitments to environmental stewardship, social justice, and artistic expression as well as openness to other faiths.

Transcending theological and culture wars, inclusive and generous in spirit and practice, these principles ask believers and seekers alike to affirm their Christian faith in a fresh way.

We touched on these affirmations several years ago, but now we will have the opportunity to address them in a small group setting. 

Books are already arriving and will be available soon. If you wish to experience this clarifying approach to a deeper spiritual life, let Rev. Susan know you want a book. ($10.00 per book)