From the Pulpit June 10 2016

Religion is not for me. I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I do not believe in organized religion. I had enough church growing up. I don’t need to go to church talk to God. I don’t want to be preached at and told I am going to hell. I do not need to march in step with a particular religion’s philosophy to know right from wrong. These are statements I hear a lot these days, and rightfully so. In this modern age, many view the church as outdated, irrelevant, and cumbersome; offering little interest for the Generation X and Millennials who have no church experience or who have had negative church experiences. In fact, I agree with these statements myself. So, why am I called to be a minister? I have asked God that question many times in the last few years. But, I have learned that I am called to be a different minister than when I first answered. Originally, I felt called into ministry to ‘save souls’ according to my adolescent understanding of the scripture known as the Great Commission. But, as an adult, I do not see my call so simply. I still feel called to spread the good news, only differently and not to ‘save souls’.

My ministry is to spread the good news that we are all loved and called by God. This doesn’t mean we are to go door to door and prod people into church. We are called so God can use us to meet people where they are; to show them that God is God for ALL people, not just those who obey some religious dogma. God is God for ALL people – no matter who they are, where they are or what they are. 1 Timothy 4:10 “That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of ALL people, and especially of those who believe.”