From the Pulpit April, 4, 2015

You are reading this in the time in-between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is the time in-between the crucifixion of one who came to show us how to love and resurrection of that love. It is the time between darkness of Jesus crucified and the light of a Christ raised from the dead. This in-between time is often overlooked because nothing significant happened during this time. But, this in-between time is most important in the scheme of things because it is the time of faith. This in-between time was when those with faith held on and waited on the Lord, and those without faith, lost hope. A theologian once said that the difference between Judas (who betrayed Jesus once) and Peter (who denied Jesus three times) was that Peter had faith for the in-between times, and Judas did not. Judas’ faith was not strong enough to believe he could be forgiven, or get him through the in-between times to witness the resurrection of love. Faith is merely a word until we find ourselves in-between; in-between the blood draw and the final test results; in between the first chemo treatment and the last radiation; in between taking the entrance exam and getting the letter; in between the familiar and the unknown. It is faith that carries us through the darkness and into the light; through the valley and out the other side. Resurrection reveals that death is not the final word, and that God’s love for us and our love for one another never dies. Faith is not knowing what tomorrow holds, but knowing who holds tomorrow.